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  • 2015 Influence of spatial perception abilities on reading in school-age children
  • 20?? Signs of Dyslexia
  • 2014 DYSLEXIA SCREENING_ performance on a tablet-based visual-spatial-motor task is compromised in adults and children with dyslexia: implications for the development of a novel screening tool.
  • 2014 Should there really be a 'Dyslexia debate'
  • 2014 Effectiveness of Treatment Approaches for Children and Adolescents with Reading Disabilities: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials


  • 2010 Training of Working Memory Impacts Structural Connectivity
  • 2015 Language Disorders, Treatment and Remediation of
  • 2010 Computer-based auditory training (CBAT): benefits for children with language- and reading-related learning difficulties
  • 2013 Does Fast ForWord Improve Language Outcomes in School-Age Children with Language Impairment?
  • 2015 The impact of Dyscalculia on students in Higher Education
  • 2014 Mathematical learning difficulties subtypes classification

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