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The Department of Special Education (SED) was founded in 1993 and started its operation in September 1998. It is part of the School of Humanities of the University of Thessaly and is located at the city of Volos, Greece.

SED is the only public university department in Greece fully specialized in Special Education.

SED’s main mission is to educate special teachers for pre-school and primary education, as well as advance research and development in special education. SED’s program of studies offers specialization in the education of the following categories of people with special needs:

  • students with learning disabilities
  • hard of hearing and deaf students
  • students with visual impairments
  • students with intellectual disability
  • students with autism spectrum disorders

SED facts as for December 2021:

  • 2.034 special education teachers have graduated from SED
  • 1.019 students study currently in SED: 746 undergraduate students, 215 postgraduate students and 58 PhD students
  • 140 undergraduare and postgraduate courses in special education
  • 8 research laboratories and one multi-purpose laboratory
  • 25 people, including 20 Faculty members and 5 administrative employees
  • 80% of our students select SED as their 1st choice in the pan-hellenic examinations (2017) for their undergraduate studies

Head of SED Department

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