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At the beginning of each academic year, an Academic Advisor is assigned to each first-year student. Academic advisors are members of the teaching and research staff (ΔΕΠ), or of the laboratory teaching staff (ΕΔΙΠ) of the Department, and they provide academic guidance to students throughout their studies on matters such as choice of courses, clarification of issues related to their program of studies and they answer questions that may arise as regards procedures established by the Department in relation to their studies.

Academic advisor assignment is carried out so that groups of students of roughly the same size are assigned to each member of the academic staff. A student has the same academic advisor throughout his/her studies. Information on academic advising is given to students by the administrative staff. Further information is provided by the academic advisors, who communicate with the students they have been assigned, both electronically and in vivo, during joint pre-agreed meetings.

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