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SED offers a 4-years undergraduate curriculum, with courses on 4 main categories:

  • Special Education
  • Pedagogy & Sociology
  • Psychology & Language
  • Sciences

The following list includes the compulsory and elective courses that are offered during the 4-year course (8 semesters).

Erasmus Courses for incoming Erasmus students

If you aim to visit SED as an Erasmus student or if you are interested in learning more information about a particular course, please contact the Departmental coordinator that has signed the agreement with your University (Magda Nikolaraizi or Georgia Andreou) beforehand, who will inform you and also help you to choose the available and appropriate courses.




1st Semester (winter)



Introduction to Learning Disabilities

Education and disability

General principles in the communication and education of deaf and hard of hearing people

Human Genetics

Introduction to autism spectrum disorder

Introduction to linguistics

Introduction to ICT applications

Biological bases of development

Foreign language I

Environmental education


Introduction to the history and philosophy of sciences


Visual arts in education and special education


Social and cognitive child’s development – thinking


Introduction to Phycology


2nd Semester (spring)



Introduction to the sciences of education

Educational assessment in special and inclusive education

Introduction to the education of individuals with vision disability

Language development of deaf and hard of hearing children: the role of early intervention (laboratory course)

Introduction to Intellectual Disability

Socio-linguistic perspectives of language and language teaching

Clinical psychology: psychological problems of childhood

The role of play in educational settings

General Principles of Ecology

Health Education

Foreign language II

Educational Software and Applications


Grammar description of the Greek language


Theater in education and in Special Education


Culture and disability: accessibility and educational implementations



3rd Semester (winter)



Greek Sign Language (GSL) 1: structure and communication settings

Instruction and assessment in the education of children with vision disability or with vision disability and additional disabilities

An introduction to Research Methodology

Assessing and teaching literacy skills to deaf or hard of hearing children (laboratory course)

Main mathematics concepts and techniques

Modern teaching models for students with autism

Contemporary educational approaches

Language development

Foreign language III

Theories of personality


Cognitive Behavior Theory (CBT) in education – learning skills




Applications in the environmental education


Social psychology


Creative arts and educational implementations in the education of children with disabilities and / or special educational needs (laboratory course)


4th Semester (spring)



Emotional difficulties and behavior problems at school: Educational interventions

Differentiated Instruction for deaf and hard of hearing children 

Teaching the language course in general and special education

Curriculum differentiation in the education of students with vision disability


Psychological and educational approaches to intellectual disability

Educational psychology

Greek Sign Language (GSL) 2: Synchronic and historical linguistic variation, users and sectors involved

Foreign language IV



Statistics - quantitative research methods (laboratory course)


Didactics of mathematics


Music and people with special educational needs and disabilities

Social Pedagogy and its application in Education



5th Semester (winter)



Written language and literacy teaching

The education of children with behavior problems

Theory of Instruction

Gognitive functions and intellectual disability

Introduction to Science Education

The Braille Code: reading and writing processes (laboratory course)

Teaching practicum in general primary education 1

Learning disabilities: neuro-cognitive approaches

Teaching practicum in general early childhood education 1

Counseling psychology in education


Teaching Modern Greek as a foreign language


Greek Sign Language (GSL) 3: Applications of 3D syntax with emphasis on education


Methodology of early education activities 1


Qualitative research methods


Experimental Teaching of Science Education


Basic geometrical concepts and their teaching


6th Semester (spring)



Motor disorders and multiple disabilities

Research applications in special education (laboratory course)

Inclusive pedagogy

Instructional strategies for teaching social understanding to students with autism

Neuropsychology and specific learning disabilities with emphasis on learning difficulties

Classroom behaviour management

Teaching practicum in general primary education 2

Physiology of learning and memory

Teaching practicum in general early childhood education 2

Multiliteracies and education


Methodology of early education activities 2


Greek Sign Language (GSL) 4: Loans and specialized types as communication access tools


Applied didactics of mathematics (laboratory course)


Science Education


Teaching approaches for LD students


Comparative pedagogy


Early intervention in education: support models and practices


Educator’s characteristics in students’ learning process

Intercultural education

  Workshop with a fee


7th Semester (winter)



Practicum in inclusive schools and special settings 1

Social inclusion of children with disability (laboratory course)


Early detection and intervention in preschool age (laboratory course)


Attention deficit / hyperactivity: educational interventions


Social and prevocational skills learning


Clinical Psychology: Counselling with Parents and Children (laboratory course).


Ethnomathematics: Learning mathematics and children's cultural environment


Semantics – Pragmatics

Neuropsychological assessment of the child


8th Semester (spring)



Practicum in inclusive schools and special settings 2

Curricula for children with autism (laboratory course)


Practice in the laboratory on the language pathology, memory and executive functions


Psycholinguistics – Clinical Linguistics


Development of ICT applications for learning and special education


Society and environment


Concepts of Science Education in Early Childhood Education

Educational practices and inequalities: school-family and community engagement

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